Return And Refund Policy

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase from ''. If you are not satisfied with our product, you can choose a request to return your order to us for a full refund as long as the following conditions are met, conditions are 

  1. How long do I have to return or change a product? 
    • On the off chance that you'd wish to return a thing to (, kindly adhere to the guidelines underneath within 30 days of conveyance. 30 days for returning.
  2.  Are there any restrictions on returns or exchanges on products?
    • If you placed a special order, this must be returned back to our store location. (Note: Shipping cost is free of charge)
    • Your order is returned in its original condition (product, packaging, miscellaneous items such as instruction sheets, etc. all in original condition and intact).
    • Please get in touch with us if you'd like to request a return. If the above conditions have been met, and your return is authorized, we will issue your refund (once we receive the returned order). Please allow up to 5-15 business days for the refund to be fully processed.
    • If you are looking for an exchange for a faulty product please contact us via our Contact Us page and we will organize an exchange for you!
  3. Do you accept returns from the United States country?
    • Yes, I accept returns from the United States country.
  4. How can customers return your products?
    • By Mail
  5. How will customers get the return label?
    • For defective products
    • This happens when the product is incorrect, damaged by the carrier, or defective in another way
      • In the box
    • For customer remorse
    • This happens when the customer purchased the wrong product, it doesn't fit, or they no longer want the item
      • In the box
  6. Do you have the restocking fee?
    • No, don't have the restocking fee
  7. How much will customers pay for return shipping?
    • No cost for customers
  8. What if the product I received is damaged or useless? 
    • If your product is damaged or defective from a ( shipment or in-store purchase, we will exchange or refund this product immediately. To return or exchange an order, please follow the steps below for an in-store purchase or ( purchase. For any inquiry mail us 
    • Email: [email protected]
  9. How do I return a product if I don't live near your store? 
    • If you do not live near a ( location, the items you purchased in-store can be returned through the mail. We recommend you to use the USPS or UPS to send your products back to our store by following the steps below:
    • Include a copy of the original receipt. Note: If you do not have a receipt, a ( gift card will be issued and mailed to you upon the return.
    • Add a note explaining your request for an exchange of your products (color, size, etc.) or return
    • Include your contact information, including phone number and email address, this is just in case the store needs to contact you,
    • The product(s) can be shipped back in a box to the original store of purchase. For the stores shipping address, please refer to the  1236 SW 8th St, Miami, Florida 33135, USA
    • Head to your local USPS or UPS store to ship the return, and keep a record of the return tracking number 
    • Please note: If you request a return or an exchange of your products and the store is out of inventory a gift card will be issued and mailed back to your shipping address as soon as possible.

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Everything you buy at (, on sale or otherwise, is guaranteed satisfactory or your money back. You don’t ever take a chance at…. Ever!

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